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The Story



My purpose here on Earth is to create connections. It’s what we do at Marr Media Group, it’s what I do in my personal life, and Social Connect, my newest venture, will become another forum to do just that. 


But before we get into the details of Social Connect, let’s take a step back and look at how this idea came to be. 


As my agency, Marr Media Group, has grown and our offerings grew along with it, we found that we were working primarily with mid-sized or larger companies. There was no offering designed for small businesses. And that’s great–we were getting really clear on who our ideal client was and where we could add the most value. But throughout all this, I was continually approached by small business owners who wanted support with their social as well, at a price that would work for them. 


I didn’t have a way to serve them.


We tried the route of training, offering a course to help teach small business owners how to manage social for themselves. 


But they didn’t want to learn to do social media. They wanted to run their businesses and hire that part out. 


And in another area of our business, I noticed some interesting trends. Even during 2021/2022, when most job postings were getting a fraction of the interest they had in past, we were being flooded with applications every time we posted. Over 100 a day came rolling in. It was overwhelming. After reviewing them all, however, a large portion of candidates simply didn’t possess enough experience to work within the agency. When asked for feedback, I shared this with them, and to that, I got the question: “Well, where do I get this experience and credibility? There’s no degree in social media!”


I didn’t have an answer for them. 


Until now.


“I remember showing up for a nightcap in Tessa’s room, and when I walked in, she was feverishly pounding on her laptop, and I asked, “what’s going on? Are we putting out fires?” And no, she was dreaming this up. So, we sat down over a glass of wine and she told me about her big dreams, and I knew from the beginning that it was going to be exciting and successful!” - Casey Mathison, Chief Creative Officer at Marr Media Group


Social Connect is here to serve two distinct audiences, what we call Brands/Businesses & Social Media Marketers. 


Brands & Businesses: We are talking about small business owners or solo entrepreneurs who know they need support with social media and that it can impact their business but don’t have the time to do it themselves and have only a modest budget to work with. 


Social Media Marketers: These are people who are looking for a fruitful career in the challenging field of social media, but, seeing as there is currently no degree in social media and everyone hiring wants someone with experience, they need a way in. They’re super eager to get that hands-on experience and knowledge! And we’re here to make sure they get it. 


This is a software-based solution that allows both Brands & Businesses and Social Media Marketers to search for each other based on specific parameters, including time commitment, fees, special skills and even location. Once you find someone that you think might be a fit, you can have a qualifying conversation (and we’ll help with some suggestions on what to address here) and once you’re both on board–you Connect! 


Once you’re Connected, you’ll be officially subscribed to the program, and you’ll get access to our premier scheduling software as well as a substantial library of resources, templates and tools for you to use. 


They’re calling it the “Tinder of social media marketing!” Which I kind of love. 


It has been a labour of love this past year, and I’m so grateful to everyone who has contributed along the way. I’m thrilled to bring this offering to the world and I cannot wait to see it launch, grow, serve and continue to evolve. This is only the beginning–I have so many more ideas on how to layer in more value for Brands & Businesses and Social Media Marketers through Social Connect, so stay tuned. 


Watch this space. Is that what the cool kids say? 

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