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frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum time commitment to stay in the program?

No! This is your chance to learn the ropes and gain experience. Just be transparent about how much you know and set your minimum rates accordingly. The more you learn, the higher you should be pricing! And be sure to take advantage of of our free resources and training so you can maximize your growth.

No! You can cancel anytime. We highly recommend you stick with your Creative for at least six months though, so you can start to see results. Social media success does not happen overnight! 

Do I have to have experience in social media marketing to sign up as a Social Media Marketer?

If you have a brick and mortar business and need a Creative that you can work with in-person, location is going to matter. To ensure you are finding Creatives that are where you want them to be: 1. Head to your profile and under Location Match Parameters, ensure your location is added AND that you toggle the “deal breaker” button to YES. 2. Head to Suggestions and you’ll find matches that are location focused! Note: the Directory will show you a Creatives location but it won’t allow you to search using that parameter, so be mindful of that if using this section.

How do I find a Social Media Marketer that can work within a specific location as I need someone who can come capture content in person?

Social media marketing agencies are fantastic resources to “solve for social” for midsize or larger businesses BUT the price points are often too high for small businesses or solopreneurs. Social Connect is built specifically for this type of business, allowing you to access social media marketing at a price that’s right for you, and at a level of service that works well for you too! (You may not need to pay for all the bells and whistles an agency provides, while they may be worth it to a larger business.)

How does this differ from working with an agency? 
How should Brands & Social Media Marketers work together on an ongoing basis?

Every Connection is going to be a little bit different, but we recommend that you lean on the key resources and recommended tools that we have for you in the Resource Library!

Is there a minimum age requirement to participate in Social Connect?

Yes! Our Terms & Conditions does indicate that you must be 19 years of age or older to participate.

Brands & Businesses

Social Media Marketers


Where did this idea come from? 

So glad you asked! Our Story is written out for you here. And if you want to help us spread the word, we’d be greatly appreciative of that. Please email us at for any assets, images or a press kit.

Can I meet with a representative of Social Connect?

Brands and Creatives are invited to schedule a 15-minute Zoom call with a representative of Social Connect time permitting. Please email us at to schedule this.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you are interested in canceling your subscription with Social Connect, we invite you to email

What do I get if I send more Brands & Businesses or Social Media Marketers your way? 

We do not yet have a Referral Program set up, but we will be rolling this out soon!

What fees do Social Media Marketers have to pay?

As a Creative? Nothing! It’s 100% free to join and start Connecting. 

1. Canva guide 2. Glossary 3. Toggl users guide 4. Loomly guide 5. Crisis management guide 6. Content guide - if you're in a rut! 7. How to manage your month 8. Community management guide 9. Free ads course 10. Links to free stock photos 11. Invoice template 12. Social connect Zoom backgrounds 13. Suggested meeting agendas 14. Industry standards for engagement rates 15. Portfolio templates 16. Sample agreement between brand and creative 17. Strategy template 18. Time tracker tool 19. Project Management tool

What can I expect to find in the Resource Library?

1. Additional content will be regularly added to the Resource Library for you to utilize. 2. Monthly “huddles” will be hosted by representatives from Social Connect to brief on new trends and technologies relevant to anyone working in social media marketing - Coming Soon! 3. Live or on-demand training will be provided at varying times of the year. 4. Representatives from Social Connect will monitor Slack channels and answer questions where appropriate. 5. A representative from Social Connect will contact you at varying intervals throughout your participation to evaluate your experience with the program. 6. If you have any questions throughout your participation in this program, you may contact us as well at

How is Social Connect involved with Social Media Marketers on an ongoing basis?
Can I work with a seasoned Social Media Manager as a mentor?

This is coming! Stay tuned. For now, feel free to put any questions you have in Slack and we will do our best to answer. Your community of other Creatives is a great resource as well!

1. You negotiate your rates directly with your Creative, so you can advise them when the Connection with terminate. 2. If you connect with the same Creative in the future for additional work (ie. another season or event), you do not have to pay an additional Connect Me Fee. 3. If you and your Creative decide not to work together again and you need to be connected to someone new, you would have to pay the Connect Me Fee again. 4. You only pay your Program Subscription when you are in an Active Connection. 5. You never have to pay your Sign Up Fee again. If you decide to come back for another connection, this will be waived due to your previous participation.

What happens if I have a seasonal business?

The Program Subscription is $100/month and kicks off only when you make a Connection with a Creative. And this entitles you to: 1. Access to a premier scheduling tool that provides secure access to social media profiles 2. Custom workflows to ensure you approve any posts that go out 3. Advanced historical live analytics so you understand what’s working and what’s not 4. Collaborative comment and message management for all of your social profiles 5. Live chat support (Bonus: we will train you on how to set all this up!) 6. Access to Brand Resources Library that helps you better understand the impact of social and the questions you should be asking that is consistently updated.

What’s included in the Program Subscription costs (for Brands & Businesses)?

All fees for Brands are paid in USD and with Credit Card (via Stripe). Upon Sign Up, you will be prompted to input your credit card information securely into Stripe and that card will be billed directly for your Connect Me Fee and your Program Subscription upon successful Connection. 1. Sign Up Fee: $200 - This gets you access to the platform and the program! 2. Connect Me Fee: $300 - Your one-time fee for a successful Connection! 3. Program Subscription of $100/month which commences only when you are officially Connected

What other fees do Brands & Businesses have to pay?

The focus of these Creatives is social media marketing which can include: 1. Crafting and scheduling posts 2. Content creation (graphics, photography, video, etc.) 3. Content curation (sourcing relevant content to share from the internet, stock imagery websites or through user-generated content) 4. Paid social advertising 5. Influencer marketing 6. Hashtag research and execution 7. Analytics reporting 8. Outbound and inbound community management (responding to comments and direct messages, actively creating conversations) That said, if you have requirements outside of this (ie. newsletter support, email marketing, etc.) feel free to speak directly with your Creative and negotiate this into your scope. (Hint: Check their special skills to see if they have experience!) We recommend that you clearly identify what is included in your scope before you begin work with your Creative and all changes to scope be addressed in writing to ensure alignment and clarity for both parties. (Find a template in the Resource Library!)

What can my Social Media Marketers do for me?

1. A representative from Social Connect will add you to Loomly, our premier scheduling tool. 2. A representative from Social Connect will contact you at varying intervals throughout your participation to evaluate your experience with the program. 3. If you have any questions throughout your participation in this program, you may contact us as well via email at

How is Social Connect involved with Brands & Businesses on an ongoing basis?
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