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Are you a small business owner or solo entrepreneur who knows they need support with social media and that it can impact your business, but you don’t have the time to do it yourself and have only a modest budget to work with? Read on.



Get social media support at a price you can afford that’s right for your business. You set your price and pay your Creative directly!

Expert Advice

Work with social media marketers who are hungry for experience and are enrolled in our program, with access to expert tools, templates and weekly training - future experts in social media!

Premier Tools

Get access to a premier scheduling tool that provides:

  • Secure access to social media profiles

  • Custom workflows to ensure you approve all posts

  • Advanced historical live analytics so you understand what’s working and what’s not

  • Collaborative comment and message management for all social profiles

  • Live chat support

  • (Bonus: We will train you on how to set all this up!)


Access to Brand Resources Library that helps you better understand the impact of social and the questions you should be asking.


Choose your creative based on rate, experience and reviews, and review your Creative based on your experience.




Set Up Fee

This gets you access to the platform and the program!


Connect Me Fee

Once you've selected the Creative of your choice, we’ll consider you “Connected,” and you’ll pay this one-time fee! If you’re not happy with your Creative, you can sever the connection and search for another Creative.


Program Subscription

This kicks off only when you make a Connection with a Creative. And this entitles you to access to a premier scheduling tool and a Brand Resources Library.​

Karen Meckelborg, Fio Connect

“How exciting to have a resource like this for smaller companies. My clients now have options to start and options to grow!”
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